FERROXCUBE’s innovative capability

FERROXCUBE's technological resources are unsurpassed. We devote almost 7% of our revenue to R&D. We have dedicated Innovation Centers in Europe and Taiwan for basic research, process technology and product design.

Component innovation – attuned to customer needs

With ferrite components, as with semiconductors, innovation is driven by the needs for miniaturization and increased functionality of modern equipment. The trends in today's equipment, especially in the areas of communication and mobile equipment, are toward low-cost, lightweight, low-power equipment operating over broad bandwidths. For the ferrite components industry, this implies a drive toward smaller components at lower cost of ownership capable of operating at ever-higher frequencies and having enhanced stability over a broad temperature range.

Investing in the digital future
To meet the explosive growth in high-frequency, low-power, lightweight applications in, for example, laptop computers and mobile communications, we support equipment makers with innovative solutions such as integration of advanced ferrite ceramics supporting modern power-supply manufacturers in their drive for size, weight and energy reduction

Our aim in all this is to become an innovative partner in electronics and to offer our customers real added value solutions.

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