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Before summer 2000, Ferroxcube was part of Philips Components
Please read Ferroxcube instead of Philips in older brochures
Ferroxtag in food supply
RFID introduction
Ferroxtag with bar code
Ferroxtag on metal screw box
Class D audio amplifier with Ferroxcube gapped toroid output filter
* Ferrite cores for RFID transponders
* 3B46 - The new high permeability filter ferrite
* Gluing of ferrite cores (new release !)
* EPX - a new Telecom core range
* Multilayer Suppressors and Inductors
* EP5 - a new Telecom core size
* The use of Ferrite Cores in DSL wideband transformers.
* IIC Integrated Inductive Components.
* Bobbins & Accessories.
* Philips' Integrated Inductive Components are ready to come on board