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Ferroxcube 3P1, a new generation of SiFe cores
Electric and hybrid car designs with Ferroxcube Ferroxcube 3E10 and 3E12 - new high permeability materials Ferroxcube ferrites in renewable energies: Solar inverters 3C97 Ferroxcube´s new all temperature power ferrite
Ultra wideband noise suppression - Ferroxfilter Ferroxcube data handbook 2009 Ferroxcube company profile (English) Ferroxtag in food supply
RFID introduction The use of soft ferrites for EMI suppression (update) Ferroxcube company profile (Chinese) Ferroxtag with bar code
Ferroxtag on metal screw box Ferroxfoil flexible sheet EMI absorber Ferroxcube company profile (Russian) Gapped ferrite toroids for power inductors (updated)

SMD beads and chokes

New metal alloy powder grades in toroids

Class D audio amplifier with Ferroxcube gapped toroid output filter

3C95 - Ferroxcube's all temperature power ferrite

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