New Ferroxcube Corporate Website will be launched on 2013/12/02

New reference numbers (12NC) and order data of SMD wideband chokes (WBS)

New reference numbers (12NC) and order data of Wideband chokes (WBC)

PCN of products affected by manufacturing location and 12NC change

Ferroxfoil EMI absorber cancelled from Ferroxcube’s standard range

UL file number change for epoxy coated ferrites

U126/91/20 specification change

UL file number change for nylon coated ferrites

WBSM2.5-5/4.8/10-4B1 cancelled from FERROXCUBE´s standard range

Address change Ferroxcube

Ferroxcube UC26 approved for LCD TV CCFL backlight application

EPFL uses Ferroxcube materials for hybrid flex foil inductors

TI recommends Ferroxcube 4C65 for RFID components

International Electronic Transformer awards Ferroxcube

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