3C92 & 3C93 - The high saturation & high temperature low loss power ferrites

High saturation material 3C92.
This material is primarily intended for output chokes in power supplies These carry mainly dc current with a small ac ripple, so core losses are generally not the first worry. Required is a high saturation level to accomodate a high dc current without too much inductance loss. The energy storage value of a choke is proportional to the square of peak flux density and determines the core volume required. Whenever space is limited, this is an important consideration.

High temperature low loss material 3C93.
Most soft Ferrites for power applications have a loss minimum between 80 and 100 C. They have been designed for operation in normal PCB circuits. For safety reasons the maximum working temperature is not far above 100 C. At higher temperatures the commonly used PCB materials degrade or can even give rise to fire hazard. Certain power applications however require or can benefit from working temperatures clearly exceeding 100 C. Typical examples are electronic lighting ballasts and automotive electronics mounted in the neighbourhood of the engine.

The new power material 3C93 aims at these high temperature applications. The loss level is comparable to that of the general purpose power material 3C94, but the loss minimum has shifted from 100 to 140 C. The temperature shift is largely independent of the flux density and frequency condition. The result is a considerable gain in performance at temperatures above 120 C. Lowering the overall loss level would not have eliminated the risk of instable temperature behaviour due to the positive temperature coefficient of losses in this region. Also saturation flux density at higher temperatures has been improved in comparison with 3C94, which makes 3C93 suitable for chokes as well as transformers.

Date of release: 05/04
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