3E10 and 3E12. Rising the bar in high permeability materials.

Ferroxcube introduces the new materials 3E10 and 3E12 improving the performace of the high permeability materials by achieving the tightest tolerance in inductance values with 3E10 and raising 20% the permeabilty of the hi-perm market standard range with 3E12.

Covering all toroids tools of diameters from 2.5 to 63mm. parylene C and epoxy coated:

  • 3E10 is the choice when robust manufacturing process and high predictability of finish product quality is required.
  • 3E12 higher permeabilty allows the best inductor performance and the highest impedance allowing to reduce final component size and/or number of windings.
Please find materials presentation describing new materials characteristics, performances, advantages over market existing materials:

*[950 kB]

* [355 kB]

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