Gluing of ferrite cores (new release)

A preselection of 23 glues was made, based on recommendations of suppliers. Requirements to be met included good adhesion to the ferrite surface, worldwide availability, stability at a continuous usage up to 150 °C and minimal degradation during (cyclic) temperature and/or moisture tests. In view of the large variation in production practices, it is not possible to identify a general minimal required strength level for core processing and/or core operation. Comparative measurements were therefore performed.

The best adhesive systems before and after the ageing tests were: Eccobond 233217, Eccobond 50248F15, Threebond 2273, 3M DP-490, and Hysol RE2039 +HD0243. This conclusion does not disqualify other glues, however. Other aspects not taken into account during this study can also be very important for the final selection - for example, whether the glue is a one or twocomponent type, its suitability for the assembly process, required curing conditions (short/long time at room/elevated temperature), importance of moisture resistance and cost.

Date of release: 05/02
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