Committed to environmental care
FERROXCUBE is committed to environmental care. This includes developing 'clean' processes, reducing industrial waste, eliminating hazardous substances from our products and reducing the environmental impact of our packaging. All our manufacturing sites meet or are set up to meet the ISO14001 environmental standard.

Innovations in packaging
With packaging, in particular we have made significant progress in recent years to reduce its environmental

Life-cycle studies
We are prepared to participate in life-cycle studies on our products to quantify the environmental burden they present, and we undertake to make data on the chemical composition of our products as well as other environmental data available to our customers.

These studies are also an essential requirement of the ISO14001 certification and improvement process to which we are fully committed.

FERROXCUBE and environmental care
Our actions geared toward environmental care can be summarized as follows:

  • Avoiding hazardous materials in products
  • Adopting clean process technologies and manufacturing methods
  • Reducing energy consumption in production
  • Reducing material usage and waste
  • Adopting new product packing methods
  • Improving health and safety in the workplace
  • Collecting and distributing environmental product information
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