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Before summer 2000, Ferroxcube was part of Philips Components
Please read Ferroxcube instead of Philips in older brochures
Ferroxcube 3P1, a new generation of SiFe cores
Electric and hybrid car designs with Ferroxcube
Ferroxcube ferrites in renewable energies: Solar inverters
3C97 Ferroxcube's new all temperature power ferrite
Gapped ferrite toroids for power inductors (updated)
SMD beads and chokes
New metal alloy powder grades in toroids
Class D audio amplifier with Ferroxcube gapped toroid output filter
3C95 - Ferroxcube's all temperature power ferrite
Large impeder cores for inductive pipe welding
Gapped SMD beads for power inductors
Design of CCFL backlight inverters with frame & bar cores
Power ferrite measuring setup EMMA 2.1
New ER cores for planar converters
Mini drum cores for power inductors
14 Watt DC/DC converter using IICs
3C92 & 3C93 - The high saturation & high temperature low loss power ferrites
* Gluing of ferrite cores (new release!)
* Ferrite for Science and Industry.
* Bobbins & Accessories.
* Introducing the new power ferrite 3C94
* SMD Coil Formers and Cores
* Philips' Integrated Inductive Components are ready to come on board
* IIC Integrated Inductive Components.
* Design of Planar Power Transformers.
* 25 Watt DC/DC Converter using Planar technology.
* Square Loop Ferrite Toroids for Magnetic Amplifiers